Hans Georg Gadamer – Truth and Method

„Thinking of the circle of hermeneutics as smooth round movement might be productive, but it is also irritating, because the starting point changes every time we run through the process. Therefore it is better to speak of a spiral of hermeneutics instead.” – Every student of humanities gets to hear that or a similar sentence during his time at an introduction seminar that tries to explain the circle of hermeneutics and hermeneutics itself as a theory of understand texts. At this point one philosopher and his most important work have to be mentioned: Hans Georg Gadamer (1900-2002) and his book “Truth and Method” (1960). Hermeneutics is commonly seen as an everyday tool not only for the people who study literature but also for the historians.However, the strange feeling of smattering and knowledge from an introduction seminar keeps on sticking to the theory of hermeneutics. Can that be everything what Gadamer tries to explain on over 500 pages: that understanding is a never ending circular (or spiral) process. This question, what Gadamer really developed in “Truth and Method” without the filter of countless introductions, we, Thimo Heisenberg and Simon Baumgartner, want to pursue in a seminar.
For that reason we would like to invite you to discuss one of the main books in humanities barely read for two days. Short presentations á 10 minutes will give an overview over the chapters and the following discussion will deepen the understanding of the text. The location for the Seminar will be Plattling and the date is the 21st and 22nd of August 2010.


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