Summer School 2016 with Nathan Salmon

From July 14 until July 16, 2016, the University of Bamberg philosophy department hosts its third international Summer School in cooperation with the department for German linguistics at the University of Bamberg and the Forum Theoretical Philosophy. We are happy to announce that Nathan Salmon (UC Santa Barbara) will present and discuss his recent work in the philosophy of language.

Nathan Salmon

Professor Salmon is one of the most distinguished scholars in contemporary analytic philosophy. His work mainly focusses on reference theory and the related problems of intensionality and the existence of fictional objects, but he also made significant contributions to the on-going debates on the distinction of pragmatics and semantics, identity theory and the renaissance of Aristotelian essentialism in contemporary philosophy. Professor Salmon studied with Alonzo Church, Keith Donnellan, David Kaplan and Saul Kripke (among others), and is Distinguished Professor of philosophy at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he has been teaching since 1984.

See Prof. Salmon’s department website

Our Summer School

With our Summer School, we want to create an intensive philosophical experience for young academics who want to discuss current issues in philosophy of language and theoretical linguistics with one of the most important experts in the field. There will be three days of high-level discussion. Participants will receive a certificate listing the exact content of the course which they might hand in for credit at their home universities.






Our Summer School takes place in the charming town of Bamberg, Germany. For more information about the city’s beautiful architecture, its fascinitating history and unique variety of breweries, please click here.

We invite graduate students from all departments and universities to apply. The *EXTENDED* deadline for registration is June 1, 2016.

How to apply

Download our Call for Applications (PDF)

If you are interested in participating, please send a short letter of motivation together with details about your University affiliation to The *EXTENDED* deadline for registration is June 1, 2016.

(The letter of motivation can be either in German or English language; the course will naturally be held in English.)

Admission  to  the  Summer  School  is  competitive  and  entirely  merit  based. There will be a small participation fee of 120 Euros which covers tuition for the course, hot lunch and light snacks during class. Travel, room and board are not included: However, we will provide a list of affordable accommodations in Bamberg and share contact details with Bamberg students willing to offer private accommodation for the duration of the course.

Feel free to email if you have additional questions.


Host information: 

UB-Logo-neu_sw-rgb72Philosophy Department
Prof. Dr. Christian Schäfer
Prof. Dr. Gabriele de Anna
Department for German Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Stefanie Stricker
Organisation committee:
Sebastian Krebs, M.A.
Lina Krenz


Former Summer Schools:

„Metaphysics or Modernity“ (August 2012)
with Richard King (Bern), Jorge Gracia (SUNY Buffalo), Barry Stroud (UC Berkeley) and Saul Kripke (CUNY)

„Individuals and Indeterminacy“ (August 2014)
with Kit Fine (NYU), Peter van Inwagen (Notre Dame), Peter Simons (Dublin) and Gabriele De Anna (Udine/Bamberg)


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